The William L. Brown Award

The William L. Brown Award recognizes the outstanding contributions of an individual in the field of genetic resource conservation and use. It is administered by the William L. Brown Center (WLBC) at the Missouri Botanical Garden and is made possible through a generous endowment from the Sehgal Family Foundation, in cooperation with the family of Dr. Brown.

Bill Brown was a distinguished, internationally-recognized scientist, businessman, and humanitarian. Over the course of five decades, he devoted himself to the collection, preservation, understanding, and sharing of plant genetic resources in order to help meet the global demand for food. The William L. Brown Award recognizes an individual whose efforts and achievements reflect a concern for those issues that were so important to Dr. Brown.

In 2010, the Sixth William L. Brown Award for Excellence in Genetic Resource Conservation will be given to Dr. Peter H. Raven, president emeritus of the Missouri Botanical Garden and George Engelmann Professor of Botany Emeritus at Washington University in St. Louis. In addition, Dr. Raven is a Trustee of the National Geographic Society and Chairman of the Society's Committee for Research and Exploration. For nearly 39 years, Dr. Raven has headed the Missouri Botanical Garden, an institution he has nurtured to become an international, world-class center for botanical research, education, and horticulture display.
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Previous recipients of the award include Nancy Turner of the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Gordon Cragg of the National Cancer Institute, Henry Shands of the USDA Agricultural Research Service, Carlos Ochoa of the Centro Internacional de la Papa (International Potato Center), and Calvin O. Qualset of the University of California at Davis. To read more, use the dropdown menu on the upper right hand corner of this page.


The Anne S. Chatham Fellowship

The Garden Club of America is pleased to announce a fellowship open to Ph.D. candidates and recent Ph.D.s to promote the study of medicinal botany. The fellowship was established to protect and preserve knowledge about the medicinal use of plants, and thus prevent the disappearance of plants with therapeutic potential. Providing this research opportunity for botanists can, in turn, assist medical science in its ability to protect lives, alleviate suffering, and develop new medicines. The fellowship was created and endowed by a generous contribution from Anne S. Chatham, a member of the Garden Club of America's Scholarship Committee and a member of the Jupiter Island Garden Club.
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