Previous Recipients

1998 – Michael B. Thomas, University of Florida
"The Use of Medicinal Plants of the Pataxó of Bahia, Brazil" [website]

1999 – Joseph Cahill, University of California, Riverside
"Medicinal Uses of Mexican Species of Salvia"

1999 – Alfredo Gomez-Beloz, New York Botanical Garden
"Ethnobotany of the Warao Indians, Orinoco Delta, Venezuela"

2000 – Michael B. Casaus, Cornell University
"An Ethnobotanical Investigation of the Tarahumara Indians of the Northern Sierra Madre Occidental, Mexico"

2000 – Steven J. Casper, Washington University
"Antimalarial Plants of Northern Peru"

2001 – David N. Cozzo, University of Georgia
"Ethnobotany of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians"

2001 – Frederic Souret, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
"Regulatory Controle of Mevalonate and Mevalonate Independent Terpenoid Biosynthetic Pathways Leading to the Production of Artemisinin, an Antimalarial Sesquiterpene, Using Artemisia annua L. Hairy Roots as a Plant Model"

2002 – Colin A. Young, University of Connecticut
"A Quantitative and Comparative Analysis of the Ethnobotany of Belizean Creoles and Garifuna"

2002 – Kristine M. Stewart, Pampano Beach, FL
"Population Viability Analysis of the Grapple Plant, Harpagophytum procumbens, in Harvested Environments"

2003 – Patricia A. Houle, Florida International University
"Variations of Fatty Acids in the Fruits of Saw Palmetto Populations in Florida"

2003 – Ryan J. Case, College of Pharmacy, University of Illinois-Chicago
"Medicinal Plants of Papua New Guinea"

2004 – Wayne Law, Washington University
"Human Harvesting Effects on Snow Lotus (Saussurea laniceps and S. medusa)"

2004 – Kevin D. Pittle, Florida State University
"Continuity and Change in the Herbal Healing Traditions of the Middle East" [Project Report]

2005 – Ramona J. Butz, University of California, Davis
"Maasai Traditional Fire Management: Ethnobotany Conservation and Pastoralism in Tanzania"

2005 – Jocelyn Muller, Tufts University
"Preserving Knowledge and Habitat: Zarma Ethnoecology in Niger’s Parc du W."

2006 – John R.S. Tabuti, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda
"Herbal Medicines for the Treatment of Malaria in Kamuli District, Uganda"
[Project Report]

2006 – Samantha Gerlach, Tulane University
"Characterization and Bioactivity of Cyclotides in Psychotria leptothyrsaMiq. (Rubiaceae)"

2007 – Cassandra L. Quave, Florida International University
“Anti-pathogenic Activity of Natural Products from Italian Medicinal Plants against MRSA”

2007 – Jillian De Gezelle, New York Botanical Garden
“Phytoestrogens and the Treatment of Estrogen-related Conditions among the Maya”

2007 – Katherine L. Higgins, University of Utah
“Tropical Fungal Endophytes as Sources of Novel Bioactive Compounds”

2008– Lisa Offringa, City University of New York
“Medicinal Plants of Northern Thailand Used to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease”

2008– Selena Ahmed, New York Botanical Garden
“Biodiversity and Management of Tea Production Systems in Yunnan, China”

2009– Melissa Islam, University of Colorado, Boulder
“Tracing the Evolutionary History of Coca (Erythroxylum) and Origin of Cocaine Synthesis”

2008– Selena Ahmed, New York Botanical Garden
“Biodiversity and Management of Tea Production Systems in Yunnan, China”

2009– Melissa Islam, University of Colorado, Boulder

2010– Wesley Beaulieu, Indiana University
“Morning Glories and Ergot Alkaloids”

2010– Rachel Meyer, City University of New York
“Discovery and Regulation of Phenolic Compounds Found in Asian Heirloom Eggplant Varieties and Wild Relatives”

2011– Angelle L. Bullard-Roberts, New York Botanical Garden
“The Relationship Between the Knowledge of Traditional Plant Remedies and the Valuation of Plant Diversity in Trinidad and Tobago”

2011– Narel Y. Paniagua Zambrana, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
“Diversity, Usage Patterns and Socioeconomic Value of Palm Species Used for Medicine and Nutrition in Tropical Forests of Peru and Bolivia”

2011– Jeff Boutain, University of Hawai'i at Manoa
“On the Origin of Hops: Genetic Variability, Phylogenetic Relationships, and Ecological Plasticity of Humulus (Cannabaceae)”

2012– Valentin Barca, Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy
“Traditional ethnobotanical knowledge of Vlach (Aromanian) populations in the southern Balkan peninsula”

2012– Colleen Lindsay, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
“Utilization of useful plants in forest gardens by the Classic Maya of Yalbec, Belize”

2012– Joshua Kellogg, North Carolina State University
“Analysis and antimalarial efficacy of non-Amazon Ecuadorian ethnobotanical leads”

2012– Ripu Mardhan Kunwar, Tribhuvan University
“Diversity and use of medicinal plants of far-west Nepal in elevational and changing climate gradients”

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